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Inflatable Wobble Cushion

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If you want to get comfortable with The Skill Board before you try riding on the ball or if you just want to take it easy, try the wobble cushion. Great for kids and users who would like an easier starting point. 

Using the wobble cushion is a great starting point for isolating the 360° range of motion on a single non-rolling point. (Unlike the ball which has that same 360° range on a rolling point.) Once you get comfortable with it you can take it to the next level by riding the ball.

This wobble cushion can be inflated and deflated to reach desired difficulty. Please note that the working PSI of the cushion is below the range displayed on the pump gauge. You'll need to inflate the cushion by feel to avoid over-inflation.

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Jose V.
Peru Peru
Best for start as beginner

I'm not a good at balancing but with Inflatable Wobble Cushion helped a lot. Not only that, it can be use other exercise as combination like push up, squat and etc.!

Skill Board Inflatable Wobble Cushion Review
Robert K.
United States
Very Wobbly

Good. Lives up to it's name. Doesn't work if you put way too much air and fill it up like a basketball, do not recommend.

Sebastien D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Excellent addition to the skill board

Very useful. I like it for finer control and exercise. The board is closer to the floor so less movement tolerance

Julie D.
United States United States
Great Intro to the Skillboard

I was super excited to try the skill board but hesitant due to old injuries that are impacting my balance. The Wobble Cushion is exactly what I needed to start my transition to the small ball. It’s still challenging and you still have the 360 balance feel. I’m so glad this was an option! I love it.

Sara H.
United States United States
Great product

Worked great as a progression to foam roll to the ball. It’s the happy middle ground in between and great on its own too!

steven j.
United States United States
Wobble cushion, small and standard ball.

Wobble cushion is a forgiving primer and tool for exploring more challenging positions before moving to the small ball at 2 psi. After the cushion, I tried to move to the large ball (at 5psi) and could not stay on. Shifted to the small ball at 2psi andI have been rocking from side to side for a total of about 40 mins then held a balance postion later for a couple of seconds. I will be using the small ball primarily to build up skills before moving to the standard ball. How about another transition to the standard ball in the shape of a foot to rugby ball? Great product where is the board made?