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Skill Board is the perfect tool to complement your Basketball training

This video is an overview of some of the workouts you can use with Skill Board to improve your balance, core strength, agility, body awareness, and more—both on and off the court.

Improve Your Game with Skill Board Workouts

1. Hand Exchange

Stand on the board while passing the basketball between hands. Notice how the ball changes your center of gravity. Harder than it looks!

2. Simple Dribble

Keeping your head down, dribble with small motions. Become comfortable with balancing while controlling the basketball.

3. Wide Dribble

Dribble with increased speed and movement. This will help you dial in your multitasking ability and body awareness on the court.

4. Head Up

Lift your gaze while dribbling so you are no longer looking at the board. This forces you to rely on instinctive balance alone.

5. Passing

Pass the ball back and forth with a friend (or off the wall), giving you a feel for the spatial dynamics of passing and catching.

6. Take a Shot!

Take your board to the court and sink some shots! You can also imagine you are shooting on a hoop, with a friend nearby to get the ball.

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The Skill Board
The Skill Board
The Skill Board - Skill Board
The Skill Board - Skill Board LLC
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The Skill Board is the game-changing balance board that you ride on a pneumatic ball. It challenges your core strength and balance in a full 360° range of motion.

The smooth board is meant to be used barefoot and more closely mimics surfing. The grip board is meant to be used with shoes, but can still be ridden barefoot. We also offer grip tape you can purchase with your smooth board in case you would like the option to add extra grip later on.

This package includes The Original Skill Board (grip or smooth)large ball, and hand pump. A video with instructions on how to get started can be found on our site here: getting started

  • The Original Skill Board dimensions are 36.5"x19.5”(93x50cm)
  • The large ball is 9" (23cm) in diameter - similar to a regulation soccer ball
  • Board and ball are rated for weights up to 300lbs(136 kg)

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