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Lexi LaVoie

Amateur Motocross Rider

Lexus LaVoie is 23 years young and was born and raised in good ol Utah! Lexi got herself into riding dirt bikes June of 2020. She started documenting my new found passion on instagram and somehow started inspiring others to chase and follow their passions! She would've never guessed the opportunities and memories she has gained from involving herself in the sport! She has been introduced into a new culture and gifted with some amazing new friends and experiences!. Moto has taught her how to push herself and her boundaries, especially as a novice female in such a male dominated sport. She wants to keep inspiring others to just SEND IT and follow their passions.

Aside from dirt biking she enjoys riding her Harley around town with friends.

Career Highlights

  • Professional Hype Woman

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    The Skill Board
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    The Skill Board is the game-changing balance board that you ride on a pneumatic ball. It challenges your core strength and balance in a full 360° range of motion.

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    This package includes The Original Skill Board (grip or smooth)large ball, and hand pump. A video with instructions on how to get started can be found on our site here: getting started

    • The Original Skill Board dimensions are 36.5"x19.5”(93x50cm)
    • The large ball is 9" (23cm) in diameter - similar to a regulation soccer ball
    • Board and ball are rated for weights up to 300lbs(136 kg)

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