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Improve Your Game with Skill Board Workouts

1. Advanced Sailing position

Start warmed up on the board. Get into sailing position (dominant leg with knee on board, other foot on the front of the board, hands on ground with ball centered underneath). Slowly find your center of gravity, engage your core and pick up your hands. Move around and have fun with it as you feel comfortable!

Sailing Position In Action

Action clip of Nicolas Rolaz in sailing position after practice on Skill Board.

Nicolas Rolaz

Professional Sailor

Nicolas Rolaz is a 21-year-old Swiss sailor. He learnt sailing on the Geneva lake in a small nautical club. Quickly selected in the Swiss Sailing Team, he was able to show is full potential, with in particular a world champion title in the most famous youth category. he was the first ever swiss sailor to accomplish this performance. He is now sailing toward is dream, 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Career Highlights

  • Junior World Champion
  • World Cup Athlete
  • Swiss Champion

  • Alica Stuhlemmer

    Olympic Sailor

    Alica was born and raised in Kiel in the very north of Germany. She learned to sail on a 9m crusing yacht that her parents owned. At the age of 8 Alica started racing and quickly transitioned from Junior into Olympic Sailing as a Crew on the Nacra 17 alongside Paul Kohlhoff. The Nacra 17 is a foiling Catamaran that can do up to 50km/h. It takes a lot of skill to sail the boat especially when the conditions get wild. Training her balance and stability has therefore become an important part of Alica´s training. Together Paul and Alica have qualified to represent Germany at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this Summer.

    Career Highlights

  • Junior World Champion
  • European Champion
  • Representing Germany at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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    The Skill Board
    The Skill Board
    The Skill Board
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    The Skill Board
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    The Skill Board is a game-changing balance board that will help you build functional balance. Challenge your core strength and balance in a full 360° range of motion to deliver incremental balance training that scales with your skill. Because the Skill Board balances on an inflatable ball, riders control the difficulty themselves by inflating or deflating the ball, ensuring it’s never too tough or too easy.

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    The smooth board was designed to be used barefoot, while the grip board is meant to be used with shoes. The grip tape can be a little too rough for some riders' bare feet. The bundle package comes with a smooth board and stick-it-yourself grip tape, so you can decide which option is best for you.



    Included in the Beginner to Pro Bundle is everything you’ll need to master the Skill Board, even if you have no experience on a balance board. Start with the stationary Wobble Cushion, which will let you get a feel for the Skill Board’s 360° range of motion. Once you’re comfortable with how the board moves, up the ante with the Small Ball with low PSI. Keep challenging yourself on the Small Ball, and, with practice, you’ll be a pro before you know it. 

    The bundle also includes a drawstring travel bag for improving your balance on the go and our Floor Savers which will help you ride on hard surfaces without damaging the board or flooring. 


    Grip and Smooth packages include 
    • The Skill Board (Grip or Smooth),
    • Skill Board Ball - Large
    • Skill Board hand pump.

    Bundle includes everything in the Skill Board Smooth package, plus

    • Skill Board Ball - Small
    • Wobble Cushion
    • Floor Savers (Set of 2 rubber grips)
    • Skill Board Travel Bag

    More info:

    • The Original Skill Board dimensions are 36.5"x19.5”(93x50cm)
    • The large ball is 9" (23cm) in diameter - similar to a regulation soccer ball
    • Board and ball are rated for weights up to 300lbs(136 kg)

    Please note: Some of the accessories below are included with the Beginner to Pro bundle.

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