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Corinna Coffin

CrossFit Athlete

As a licensed dietician with a PhD in Nutrition, Corinna knows how to fuel her body and design rigorous training programs. She competes in obstacle course races on a high level and enjoys CrossFit. Corinna loves the Skill Board because it's an excellent complement to her training and it always manages to strengthen her balance and coordination.

Career Highlights

  • Professional Obstacle Course Racer
  • CrossFit Athlete
  • Dietician

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    Fernando Casanova

    Endurance Athlete/Coach

    Fernando has 10+ years of experience as a Coach and started running OCR back in 2013. Starting with the regular 5-10k and going all the way to multi day endurance races and events. Father of 2 and married for 12 years now he balances his life between family, training and coaching.

    Career Highlights

  • Death Race Finisher
  • Proud MexiCAN

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