Skill Board + Volleyball

Improve Your Game with Skill Board Workouts

1. Partner Pass

While balancing on the Skill Board, have a partner gently pass you the ball, working on your bumping technique to pass it back.

2. Self Bump

This time without a partner, throw the ball into the air and practice your bumping. Next, try to keep it in the air for as long as you can.

3. Partner Set

Have a partner pass the ball to you up high, and work on your setting. Practicing on the Skill Board will make a huge difference in the game.

4. Self Set

Throw the ball into the air and practice as if you were setting the ball for a teammate.

5. Set and Catch

Practice setting the ball into the air and then catching it as it comes back down. Next, try to keep it in the air as long as possible.

6. Serving

Serve the ball while balancing on the Skill Board. This really trains your hand-eye coordination and multitasking!

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The Skill Board
The Skill Board
The Skill Board - Skill Board
The Skill Board - Skill Board LLC
The Skill Board
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The Skill Board is the game-changing balance board that you ride on a pneumatic ball. It challenges your core strength and balance in a full 360° range of motion.

The smooth board is meant to be used barefoot and more closely mimics surfing. The grip board is meant to be used with shoes, but can still be ridden barefoot. We also offer grip tape you can purchase with your smooth board in case you would like the option to add extra grip later on.

This package includes The Original Skill Board (grip or smooth)large ball, and hand pump. A video with instructions on how to get started can be found on our site here: getting started

  • The Original Skill Board dimensions are 36.5"x19.5”(93x50cm)
  • The large ball is 9" (23cm) in diameter - similar to a regulation soccer ball
  • Board and ball are rated for weights up to 300lbs(136 kg)

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