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Erika Lang

Professional Waterski and Wakeboard Athlete

Erika Lang is a professional Waterski and Wakeboard athlete from Gilbert, Arizona but later moved to Orlando, Florida to further pursue her passion. She is 25 years old and at the top of her game. She is currently ranked number #1 in the world for Waterskiing and within the top 3 for Wakeboarding. She is a very decorated Watersports athlete as she is a 5X and Current World Record Holder, 1X World Champion, 1X World Cup Champion, 3X Masters Champion, 4X Moomba Masters Champion, and 10X National Champion. Her cross training consists mainly of plyometric based exercises and functional fitness type workouts. She is passionate about fitness and believes it plays a huge role in not only being at the top of her game but also in staying injury free throughout the competition season. What motivates her is her love for waterskiing and wake boarding as well as her drive to take the sport to the next level.

Career Highlights

  • 5X and Current World Record Holder
  • 1X World Champion
  • 3X Masters Champion
  • 4X Moomba Masters Champion
  • 10X National Champion
  • Team USA Athlete
  • World Cup Athlete

  • Scot Ellis

    Professional Waterski Jumper

    Scot lives and trains in central Florida with his wife (whom is also a pro skier) and their 3 kids. His first major win was in 1988 with a World title and first Pro win in 1990. Scot has stayed competitive for over 30 years staying in the top 10 despite a few major injuries. His drive to wake up a better athlete than the day before is still strong. Scot plans on competing in the 2021 season, ending with our World Championships in October.

    Career Highlights

  • 2 time World Champion (1988, 2017)
  • 2013 Water Ski World Championships - Gold Medalist, Team Overall; 11th Place, Men's Jumping

  • Regina Jaquess

    Professional Water Skier - Elite Team USA Waterski

    Regina resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. At the age of 16, as a member of the USA Water Ski Team, she captured the trick ski world championship title in Recetto, Italy. She has been a member of the USA Elite Water ski team for the past twenty years. The International Water Ski Federation recently named Regina the top female water ski athlete of the past 25 years
    She is an Overall skier who can jump in excess of 185 feet, trick 8,800 pts, and consistently capture world record slalom passes. Regina continues to be the most dominant slalom and overall skier in the world.
    Regina has won ten individual elite World Championship titles, has won thirteen Pan Am Game medals (more than any other athlete in any sport) and holds Pan Am Game records in the slalom and jump events. She has broken a total of thirteen world records (nine slalom and four overall) and held the world slalom record since 2009. In addition, Regina has won US Masters slalom titles six times.

    Career Highlights

  • 10xWorld Champion
  • 13 World Records
  • 13 PanAm Games medals (7 Gold)

  • Adam Pickos

    Professional Water Skier

    Adam Pickos is a professional waterski athlete from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. He is currently top 3 in the world in the trick event. Growing up, he was fortunate to have a ski lake in his front and backyard, so ultimately, Adam knew what he would be doing from a young age. He started competing at 7 and broke his first National record at the age of 9. Training ten months a year, for 20+ years now, he has 2 World Titles under his belt along with a PanAm Games gold medal. Adam was the 7th skier in history to trick over 12,000 pts.

    Current USA Waterski Team member, 2015 Pan Am Games Trick Champion, 2-Time World Trick Champion 15', 17', National Champion, U.S. Open Mens Trick Record Holder
    Current Personal bests include; Trick 12,170 pts – Slalom 1@41 off.

    Not only does he spend his time training and honing his craft, he's also a full-time waterski coach at his family's world-renowned waterski facility.

    Career Highlights

  • 2-Time World Waterski Trick Champion
  • PanAm Gold Medalist Trick Ski
  • National Trick Champion
  • Team USA Memeber

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