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Skill Board is more than a tool: it's a lifestyle.

Ways to Ride

Skill Board is versatile to fit your training needs!

Skill Ball

Our ball is what makes Skill Board special. The ball is engineered to be as strong as possible. By adjusting the ball's air pressure, you can change the riding difficulty.


Cylinder Roller

Train your balance in one plane with the cylinder roller.


Wobble Pad

Great for core excercises and pushups. Beginners can practice riding the board with the Wobble pad to get a feel for it.

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Grip or Smooth

The smooth board is meant to be used barefoot and more closely mimics surfing. The grip board is meant to be used with shoes, however; you can still use it barefoot. We also offer grip tape you can purchase in case you try the smooth and would like to add the extra grip!

Over 800 5-star reviews

Very nice product with new applications


The Skill Board

"I used a balance board (which I am selling off now).This is a whole new level. And with different ball sizes and different pressures applied, one can "grow" and be continuously challenged.I like this. Thinking about getting also the mini version."

- Markus H.

Not your average balance board


The Skill Board

"Having tried stationary and cylindrical balance boards, I loved how much more challenging the Skill Board is, because it moves in 360º and involves your entire body. As someone who works at home, I’m always hopping on to get the blood flowing whenever I get up, and it was easy to go from beginner to pro with the different ball sizes and pressure settings. Can’t recommend it enough for athletes, runners, or anyone who wants a way to keep working on their balance while they’re indoors (especially during those cold winter months)."

- Andrew F.

Exactly what I needed.


The Skill Board Mini

"I am 70 years old with great balance. My legs are strong as I Hike and ride a bike. I purchased the mini skill board to improve my balance and strengthen my ankles. I was surprised at what a challenge this is. Apparently there are way more muscles in my legs and ankles than I realized. I have the ball inflated to 2 1/2 lbs. I am really pleased that the challenge is up to what I expected and more! "

- Bob

Great product, great service


The Skill Board

"I love this thing. If you are any type of athletic, you'll find yourself emersed in this while working out. I'm doing body weight squats, dumbell presses, and pop shove it's. It's a great workout while engaging all of your stabilizer muscles as well as your hand eye coordination."

- Nathan A.

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We have over 700 5-star reviews!