360° of Motion

Skill Board challenges your agility in every direction.

Core Strength

Perfect for any training routine; build strength and endurance.

Body Awareness

Begin to truly unlock your athletic potential.

Better Every Day

Change the way you play with continuous balance gains.

The Skill Board - Skill Board LLC
The Skill Board - Skill Board LLC
The Skill Board - Skill Board
The Skill Board - Skill Board LLC
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Skill Board makes a game-changing balance board that you ride on a ball, challenging your core strength and balance in a 360 degree range of motion.

The grip version is meant to be ridden with shoes, and the smooth is best for riding barefoot.

Includes the large ball and hand pump.

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See why pro athletes train with Skill Board

Steven Nyman

Downhill Skier // 4-time Olympian

Alex Schlopy

Freeskier // X Games Gold Medalist

Corinna Coffin

Pro Obstacle Course Racer

Start improving your balance today