Frequently Asked Questions

Balance Training and Learning

So, you got a Skill Board. Now what? How can you train to improve your balance and get better at the sports you do and play? 

The basis of the Skill Board's design is that you never have to train ourside of your comfort zone! By adding or removing pressure from the ball, you can adjust how challenging it is to balance.

We recommend that people start riding on carpet or grass because it can slow the roll of the ball down a bit. Most beginners are comfortable at around 2 PSI on the included ball for an easy, slow ride, but our optional wobble cushion accessory makes it even easier to start.

Check out our how to ride section under the learn tab at the top of the screen

We recommend that users of both The Skill Board and Skill Board Mini be under 250 lbs (113 kg).

Product Questions

Let us know if you have any questions about any of our products! 

The Skill Board balls are made from rubber with nylon reinforcement between the air bladder and rugged cover.

The Cylinder roller is made of thermomoulded closed-cell foam.

The wobble cushion is made from soft, durable PVC.

The Original Skill Board ships with the large ball and the Skill Board Mini ships with the Medium ball.

The board is pre-packaged with the ball and pump. You have the option to purchase the small ball separately as an add-on.

The Original Skill Board dimensions are 36.5" X 19.5” (93 X 50 cm)

The Skill Board Mini dimensions are 26.6”x16”.
(67.5 x 40.6 cm)

We do! Please follow this link to our financing page.

Skill Board balls will warp with time and use and you should expect to replace them somewhat regularly. Though Skill Board balls are reinforced to better withstand people riding on them. Because they have variable PSI they are still subject to warping from normal use. 

Please email us some pictures at support@skillboardusa.com and we'll take a look! If your product has a production defect, we'll do our best to fix the situation! 

The rubber end pieces can be put on the short ends of the Skill Board. The rubber pieces help with starting on hard floors since the board typically slides on those surfaces. 

The wobble cushion should only slightly be filled with air and still have a PSI of 0.

300 lbs is the maximum weight recommended. 

The smooth board is meant to be used barefoot and more closely mimics surfing. The grip board is meant to be used with shoes, however; you can still use it barefoot. We also offer grip tape you can purchase with your smooth board in case you try the smooth and would like to add the extra grip.

Typically in this case, the ball is stuck in the bottom of the box. Please check the far end with a flashlight. If you are unable to locate it, reach out to us at support@skillboardusa.com . 

We have had a few customers write in about this issue. We recommend using a razor blade to scrape off the residue on the first two sets of threads. You set the blade in the first thread and "spin" the gauge scraping off the threads as it moves down. This has fixed the issue for others.

>Here is a video< we created on how to correct the pump gauge!

Post a video or photo on your Instagram page or story, tag us in it, and reach out to us through a DM. We will verify your post and send you a link for a free shirt!

The large ball is 9" (similar to an adult soccer ball) and the small ball is 7.5"(similar to a child's soccer ball).


We try to make shipping as effortless for you as possible.

Due to the size of the cylinder roller, it ships in a separate box. The packages occasionally travel at different speeds through the carrier's system. It is not uncommon that the cylinder will arrive a day or two before the board, and vice-versa.

The delivery times that FedEx generates at checkout are realistic estimates based on previous performance. Unfortunately this is not a guarantee to us from FedEx and therefore we cannot guarantee delivery by a certain date.

Orders to the US are typically processed within 2-3 business days. Shipping times vary based on destination, but we aim to get your order to you within 2-7 business days after it has been processed. International orders currently ship on Tuesday and Friday mornings and can sometimes take longer to arrive depending on shipping delays and the customs process in your country. 

Due to the difficulty in calculating shipping prices manually, the best way to find the shipping cost is to add your order to the shopping cart and put in your address at the checkout page to find the final shipping cost. Please note that this does not include import taxes and duties that may be due on international orders.

We're working on it! Currently the best option for international customers is to purchase the Skill Board through our website.

We ship to most countries worldwide. Our international orders ship on Tuesdays and Fridays and will ship the first international date after your order is processed.

Import taxes are not included in the price.

To keep your costs as low as possible, we don't charge estimated customs fees at checkout since these tend to be higher than the actual amount.

If you return your product, you are responsible for paying the return shipping. 

We have had a few customers reach out to us regarding this issue. You will need to email us at, support@skillboardusa.com, asking for an order invoice. Once obtained, email the invoice to your customs office or the FedEx office in your country to verify the contents of the shipment. 


All of our returns information can be found at this link