Learn to Ride

Check out this video to get the hang of riding a Skill Board!

Riding the Skill Board is exhilarating, but you probably won't maintain your balance on the first ride. Adjusting the PSI (air pressure) of the ball, you can customize your ride's difficulty. Practice in an area where you feel comfortable and have enough space to move. Watch the video or follow the instructions below for tips on good at-home spaces to learn, and you'll be a pro in no time.


Chair Over Carpet

Small Ball - 2-3 PSI

Use the chair to keep yourself upright as you find your center of gravity. When you're comfortable, let go of the chair to test your balance.


Overhang Counter

Small/Medium Ball - 4-5 PSI

Make sure the board lies underneath the counter and you're standing straight up, not leaning over. Try looking ahead when removing your hands from the counter for an added challenge!


Waist-High Table

Medium/Large Ball - 6-7 PSI

Without leaning over, find the center point of balance on the ball. Focus on moving your body from side-to-side while your hands rest on the counter. Test your balance again by lifting your hands.


Hallway Riding

Large Ball - 8-9 PSI

Keep yourself upright by putting one hand on the opposite walls while practicing the side-to-side motion. Remove your hands once you're comfortable balancing with this motion.

Deflating / Inflating the Ball

Deflate: Loosen the needle, stick tip into the ball hole, letting air in the ball escape.

Inflate: Insert the needle attached to the pump into the ball. Use the handle and gauge on the pump to increase the amount of air pressure.

Mix and match different ball sizes and air pressures to find what best fits you.

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