The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini

The Skill Board Mini

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The Skill Board Mini is the travel-size version of our full-sized balance board. You'll ride the board on a pneumatic ball and control the difficulty by inflating or deflating the ball. It challenges your core strength and balance in a full 360° range of motion.

The smooth board is meant to be used barefoot and more closely mimics surfing. The grip board is meant to be used with shoes, but can still be ridden barefoot. We also offer grip tape in case you purchase a smooth board and would like the option to add grip later on. The wobble cushion is a great accessory to start with if you're new to 3D balance boards. 

This package includes The Skill Board Mini (grip or smooth), medium ball, and hand pump. A video with instructions on how to get started can be found on our site here: getting started 

  • The Skill Board Mini dimensions are 26.6”x16”.
  • The large ball is 7.75" (19.7cm) in diameter - similar to a youth soccer ball
  • Board and ball are rated for weights up to 300lbs(136 kg)

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Engineered Wood

Maple Plywood Board

Reinforced Durable Rubber

Your balance can only improve...

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Mikah M.
France France

I can easily say that the skillboard has been the best purchase I've made in many years. I was already familiar with different balanced boards from the different physical therapists I've consulted while recovering from my different injuries in the past (2 torn ankle ligaments from skateboarding; a busted knee from a bike accident... and the list goes on). But the feeling I got as soon as I hopped on the skillboard, was just insane! I could tell that so many muscles, ligaments that I haven't used in years, and some I've probably never used were put to the test. It was great to feel again that sense of accomplishment once you progress on the board (the same feeling I fell in love with skateboarding as a teenager and that I thrive on). The board is well made, solid work. The pump and ball work perfectly. Even if you have never practiced a sport that requires balance, the Skillboard will be a great introduction to that amazing feeling of finding and maintaining your perfect balance. Comes in two sizes, I decided to go for the mini straight away, with lockdown and all, easier to use indoors. But I'm already considering in getting the bigger version aswell. I've also convinced two of my family members to get one for themselves as we all love a good physical challenge and sports that require a damn lot of balance (surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding etc...) and they're enjoying the boards as much as I am. I'm so looking forward for my bloc climbing center to reopen to see how I've benefited from the board since the pandemic lockdowns. So to finish this lengthy review, to whomever will read these words, if you're still hesitating on getting one for yourself... STOP and get one now, I can promise, if you're looking for the same things as I was: a good physical challenge with a learning curve while having a lot of fun, then you'll just be as convinced and happy as I am. So just enjoy the flow !

Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
Norway Norway
Challenging your balance

Fantastic training tool. Started at 2 PSI and after less then 10 sessions, able to ride at 7 PSI. Using skill board outdoor on soft floor, with possibilities to hold something. Fits perfectly for kids as well.

Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
Elizabeth C.
United States United States
So awesome!

I backed the Skill board mini on kickstarter and have been using it for about a week now. I absolutely love it! (best birthday gift to myself!) I feel like its the perfect size. East to transport and easy to fit into many different areas. I got the balance disk and the medium ball to start me off. I love the disk for just learning to balance, leaning left to right and squatting. The ball is way more adventurous and fun! I'm still at a low level psi, but each day I use it I can feel myself improving. I've used the disk and board in my workouts, and I even brought everything to work one day so I had something to do while I had some down time. So much better than sitting at a desk. I bought this to help my balance in the off season of paddle boarding, so I can come back better and with more balance to my paddles. Plus using it for my daily workouts. So glad I found this balance board!

Skill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
Stephen W.
United States United States
Just what I needed for my home workout!

This came in time for improving my at home workout routine! This is great way to add some variety to your workout. I use it during the day and late evening to get my legs workout! It has been really great! Love the quality and the finish.

Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
Chris K.
United States United States
I love this thing because it is challenging!

I really like the skill board........I have a basic "roller style" balance board and the skill board takes my balancing act to another level. I've had the board for a few weeks now and although I am getting a basics down there is a lot more room for balance growth...... Looking forward to using this thing until I cannot climb on anymore. Word of caution though........the backwards Wilson can really careful!

Eirik S.
Norway Norway
The mini is the best

The same good fun as the big board bit with a different feel. My favorite exercise by far. A

Justin W.
United States United States

High quality as advertised!

Justin K.
South Korea South Korea
Great Equipment

It’s a great piece of equipment. The only small thing that I would like to see changed is for the bumpers to fit on the corners of the skill board without buckling.

Andrej D.
Slovakia Slovakia

I had a traditional balance board before and upgraded to skill board. It is a lot tougher, but at least 2 as much fun!

Tim F.
Denmark Denmark
Upgraded balance board

It is perfect. It gives me a free feeling because of the ball and therefore I balance all directions and not only two directions for a normal balance board. And then I love the size, cause I can carry it all over.