The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini
The Skill Board Mini

The Skill Board Mini

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The Skill Board Mini is the travel-size version of our full-sized balance board. Challenge your core strength and balance in a full 360° range of motion to deliver incremental balance training that scales with your skill. Because the Skill Board balances on an inflatable ball, riders control the difficulty themselves by inflating or deflating the ball, ensuring it’s never too tough or too easy.

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The smooth board was designed to be used barefoot, while the grip board is meant to be used with shoes. The grip tape can be a little too rough for some riders' bare feet. The bundle package comes with a smooth board and stick-it-yourself grip tape, so you can decide which option is best for you.



Included in the Beginner to Pro Bundle is everything you’ll need to master the Skill Board, even if you have no experience on a balance board. Start with the stationary Wobble Cushion, which will let you get a feel for the Skill Board’s 360° range of motion. Once you’re comfortable with how the board moves, up the ante with the Small Ball with low PSI. Keep challenging yourself on the Small Ball, and, with practice, you’ll be a pro before you know it. 

The bundle also includes a drawstring travel bag for improving your balance on the go and our Floor Savers which will help you ride on hard surfaces without damaging the board or flooring. 


Grip and Smooth packages include 
  • The Skill Board Mini (Grip or Smooth),
  • Skill Board Ball - Medium
  • Skill Board hand pump.

Bundle includes everything in the Skill Board Mini Smooth package, plus

  • Skill Board Ball - Small
  • Wobble Cushion
  • Floor Savers (Set of 2 rubber grips)
  • Skill Board Travel Bag

More info:

  • The Skill Board Mini dimensions are 26.6”x16”.
  • The Medium ball is 8.25" (21cm) in diameter - similar to a youth soccer ball
  • Board and ball are rated for weights up to 300lbs (136 kg)

Please note: Some of the accessories below are included with the Beginner to Pro bundle.

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    Skill Board Mini

    A More Compact Version of Skill Board

    Balance on the Go


    Maple Plywood Board

    Reinforced Durable Rubber

    Your balance can only improve...

    What are you waiting for?







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    Jake W.
    United States United States

    Great customer service, quality materials

    First of all I'd like to emphasize the excellent customer service I recieved with skillboard. They were courteous and helped me select the board that would be best suited for me. The board feels sturdy and durable, and is clearly made of quality materials. I was expecting to have to dig out my old bike pump to fill the balance ball, but to my surprise there was a pump included in the kit. It even has a built in pressure gauge which is nice. After reading the manual I learned that you can adjust the difficulty level by adjusting the psi, and the built in guage makes this easy. I've had it for two weeks and it's helped improve my slackline game. This is going to be great to play around with this summer and I'm excited to see how it helps keep me training up for snowboarding later in the year.

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Christopher M.
    United States United States

    Quality Built Product for discerning balancers and clumsy oafs alike!

    The product is top-notch and wonderful. The boards are well made, the grip tape is effective, and I've had no issue with the ball nor the pump. I love the little gauge on the pump. It is a fantastic package. The starter instructions are very good and I've gone from not being able to stand at all to getting brief moments of balance. I do not blame any part of this product on the fact that I broke my baby toe on it two days ago. That is just my pitful lack of "SKiLL". Overall, I'm having a (mostly) good time seeing little progressive gains on a great board that supports my 200 pounds of ungraceful human. Thanks, SKiLL Team!

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Peru Peru

    Great to start for beginner

    I'm not good with that so I had to buy their accessories like inflatable wobble cushion, small ball and two more pair of rubber end grip (I don't want to damage). It was easy to control with inflatable wobble cushion and sometimes with small ball. Not only that, I can use it as combination with other exercise like push up, goblet squat and etc. I use everyday!

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Gurmukh G.
    Canada Canada

    Not as easy as it looks :)

    So far it has been great, everyone in the family has tried and some have fallen, but it has been fun, and I can see how this can help in all the different types of sports. It will also help in waking up the smaller muscles that don't get used. Now with summer right around the corner, we'll be able to practice with outside.

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Mikah M.
    France France


    I can easily say that the skillboard has been the best purchase I've made in many years. I was already familiar with different balanced boards from the different physical therapists I've consulted while recovering from my different injuries in the past (2 torn ankle ligaments from skateboarding; a busted knee from a bike accident... and the list goes on). But the feeling I got as soon as I hopped on the skillboard, was just insane! I could tell that so many muscles, ligaments that I haven't used in years, and some I've probably never used were put to the test. It was great to feel again that sense of accomplishment once you progress on the board (the same feeling I fell in love with skateboarding as a teenager and that I thrive on). The board is well made, solid work. The pump and ball work perfectly. Even if you have never practiced a sport that requires balance, the Skillboard will be a great introduction to that amazing feeling of finding and maintaining your perfect balance. Comes in two sizes, I decided to go for the mini straight away, with lockdown and all, easier to use indoors. But I'm already considering in getting the bigger version aswell. I've also convinced two of my family members to get one for themselves as we all love a good physical challenge and sports that require a damn lot of balance (surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding etc...) and they're enjoying the boards as much as I am. I'm so looking forward for my bloc climbing center to reopen to see how I've benefited from the board since the pandemic lockdowns. So to finish this lengthy review, to whomever will read these words, if you're still hesitating on getting one for yourself... STOP and get one now, I can promise, if you're looking for the same things as I was: a good physical challenge with a learning curve while having a lot of fun, then you'll just be as convinced and happy as I am. So just enjoy the flow !

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Norway Norway

    Challenging your balance

    Fantastic training tool. Started at 2 PSI and after less then 10 sessions, able to ride at 7 PSI. Using skill board outdoor on soft floor, with possibilities to hold something. Fits perfectly for kids as well.

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Caitlin J.
    Ireland Ireland

    On the slopes while in lockdown

    It's normally hard dealing with the eagerness to get back on slopes in a regular year, let alone a lockdown in Ireland! I typically get on the slopes myself at least once a year but I took my husband for his first snow sport experience last year! I wanted him to be able to keep up the hard work he put in and there were no balance boards on the market that hit the spot of convenient, transportable and extremely adaptable. His words exactly(he's a mountain biker), "One of my favorite all time presents, reminds me of getting my first bike!" It gives a massive range of skill level, easy to set targets and to integrate it into workouts. No other board on the market like it. You will not regret.

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Elizabeth C.
    United States United States

    So awesome!

    I backed the Skill board mini on kickstarter and have been using it for about a week now. I absolutely love it! (best birthday gift to myself!) I feel like its the perfect size. East to transport and easy to fit into many different areas. I got the balance disk and the medium ball to start me off. I love the disk for just learning to balance, leaning left to right and squatting. The ball is way more adventurous and fun! I'm still at a low level psi, but each day I use it I can feel myself improving. I've used the disk and board in my workouts, and I even brought everything to work one day so I had something to do while I had some down time. So much better than sitting at a desk. I bought this to help my balance in the off season of paddle boarding, so I can come back better and with more balance to my paddles. Plus using it for my daily workouts. So glad I found this balance board!

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini ReviewSkill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Stephen W.
    United States United States

    Just what I needed for my home workout!

    This came in time for improving my at home workout routine! This is great way to add some variety to your workout. I use it during the day and late evening to get my legs workout! It has been really great! Love the quality and the finish.

    Skill Board The Skill Board Mini Review
    Chelsea K.
    Canada Canada

    Mighty hard

    Got the b-stock and just had a minor scratch. Well worth it for the discount. Note there is extra shipping costs to Canada. I have not been able to get on the ball thing yet but i have a flatter one that is a good starting point.