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The Skill Board - Skill Board LLC
The Skill Board - Skill Board
The Skill Board - Skill Board LLC
The Skill Board

The Skill Board

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The Skill Board is the game-changing balance board that you ride on a pneumatic ball. It challenges your core strength and balance in a full 360° range of motion.

The smooth board is meant to be used barefoot and more closely mimics surfing. The grip board is meant to be used with shoes, but can still be ridden barefoot. We also offer grip tape you can purchase with your smooth board in case you would like the option to add extra grip later on.

This package includes The Original Skill Board (grip or smooth)large ball, and hand pump. A video with instructions on how to get started can be found on our site here: getting started

  • The Original Skill Board dimensions are 36.5"x19.5”(93x50cm)
  • The large ball is 9" (23cm) in diameter - similar to a regulation soccer ball
  • Board and ball are rated for weights up to 300lbs(136 kg)

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Engineered Wood

Maple Plywood Board

Reinforced Durable Rubber

Your balance can only improve...

What are you waiting for?







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Kristin B.
United States United States
Awakens All Balancing Muscles

I've had the Skill Board for a few weeks and am really enjoying it. I am working on getting my balance back after having foot surgery on both feet. I'm wishing I had this sooner. It is definitely challenging and I feel it in my legs after just a minute of effort. My goal is to be able to stay on while not holding onto anything. I keep the board in my home office, and grab it when I need to get up and move. Loving it so far. I also like that the ball you balance on is separate, making it more challenging. But you can fill the ball with whatever pressure you want with the pump that is included. I've been at 2 psi so far, and will work my way up over time.

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
United States United States
Love it!

Overall I love my skill board! I balance while watching tv or just passing the time during a boring day stuck at home. Get yourself one, you won’t regret it!

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
Paula F.
Mexico Mexico
Very functional for balance

The skill board help me a lot with the strenght and balance control. I really enjoy riding it, and I recommend it for everyone looking to improve their balance and also concentration!

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
Tyler R.
United States United States
True test of balance

Purchased the board and came in within reasonable time. Right off the bat I had to try it. It's a lot harder than it looks and is a learning curve. A few days later I got the hang of it and really enjoy using it everyday with my workout. Definitely recommend if you want to take it to the next level!

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
Tara D.
United States United States
Love it!

I’ve been wanting to try a balance board for a long time. I love any kind of boarding- skate, long, paddle, and want to try surfing. I researched diff boards and while under quarantine decided to buy one to play with. My son is a big skate boarder but the entire family is loving the skill board. And when friends come over, they all love it too. It’s challenging and fun. I made the right choice going w/ Skill board. I totally recommend it. I also do barre work and I think it helps not only w/ boarding but that too!

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
Samuel S.
United States United States
Fun board in the office

I thoroughly enjoy riding the Skill Board - balancing is always difficult for me - after several months on it - I am able to use the ball not the cylinder. The only issue I have is the ball gets warped pretty easily - mainly because I started on the suggested beginner PSI causing the ball warped. I wished the ball last longer

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
Bart-Hein M.
Netherlands Netherlands
Challenging but rewarding

The Skill board is challenging to start on. However it is really fun and rewarding when you improve every session that you practice. I really notice the difference already when rollersking or biking. I bought it for training my balance for wingsurfing in wintertime. I think it really helps but I didn't had a surf session on the water yet.

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
Aviram S.
Israel Israel
Exploring the range of balance

I’m making my first steps in this world of riding a board &im using a wooden ring to help me keep my balance. It is pretty difficult to even getting on the board without any external help. Or maybe it’s my fear specking out any way it’s seems classic and genuine quality. The muscle in my legs are talking to me after an experience in the skill board. A lot of options and wide range of balance control

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
Randy O.
United States United States
Balance for work and play

I’m a car hauler, I haul cars around the country on a semi truck, doing so requires climbing and balancing 12 feet off the ground numerous times every day to get vehicles on and off the truck. Being in my 50’s I find keeping my balance keen with the skill board has not only been tons of fun but a mental concentration work out at the same Time. I use the skill board every day.

Skill Board The Skill Board Review
Jan P.
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Great for family fun as well as strength

great funny equipment for everybody , good company support , excellent delivery service, you can learn patience a lot ! :)))

Skill Board The Skill Board Review